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Darren Thompson


Lowkey Photoset

Live photos of Lowkey's energising performance at SXW Bristol.

Hacienda Classical Photoset

Live photos of Hacienda Classical's memorable performance at this year's Bristol Sounds.

Public Enemy | Live Review

Though perhaps no longer occupying their status-quo troubling, cutting-edge status of old, Public Enemy’s live show remains amongst the most charismatic and enjoyable tours on the road today.

Public Enemy | Preview

Following an action-packed show at Bristol's Motion in 2012, hip-hop pioneers Public Enemy are returning to the city.

Laid Blak | Live Review

Reel Me Records Presents... Laid Blak: Unplugged @ St George’s Hall, (19/09/13) A diverse cross-section of people shuffled into the busy foyer of Bristol’s St...

Leddra Chapman | Live Review

Having written an article about Ed Sheeran way-back-when, I’d stumbled across Leddra Chapman as both one of his co-writers and co-performers. A number of...