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Nabihah Iqbal

Gigs of the Week | 5th-11th Apr

Proof, if ever you needed it, that Bristol is blessed with a thriving and diverse music scene - it's our latest Gigs of the Week.
Gigs Week

Gigs of the Week | 2nd-8th Nov

The clocks have gone back. The nights are drawing in. But don't hibernate - get out and listen to the finest gigs that Bristol has to offer.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 28th June – 4th July

Henry Rollins probably nailed it when he suggested, "Musicians should not play music. Music should play musicians." Here's our pick of the finest acts in Bristol this week. Enjoy! 
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 25th-31st Jan

The Free For All Festival concludes. Independent Venue Week begins. The Bristolian beat goes on. There's always a little bit of what you fancy out there. Keep looking for it.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 12th-18th Apr

Tokyo and Osaka get more of a look in than normal in this edition of Gigs of the Week and Friday's selections have an unexpectedly dark common theme to them.
Gigs Of The Week

Gigs of the Week | 9th-15th Nov

Welcome to another Gigs of the Week. Just a snapshot of another awesome Bristolian week to come. Support your local venues. Happy listening.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 5th-11th July

If the front of your t-shirt looks like a relief map of Sweatland and if you're about as chilled as an M5 traffic jam in a car with no air-con, then Gigs of the Week should help you through.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 1st-7th Feb

As Independent Venue Week concludes, we can see the quality of Bristol's venues and shows and decide that it's Independent Venue Week every week. Enjoy your music!
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Gigs of the Week | 19th-25th Apr

Record Store Day is one of many highlights this week. We seem to have a list of Gigs of the Week that is celebratory on such a number of levels, with several impending launches. Keep looking out for those special Record Store Day releases. Have a sonically-satisfying seven days.
Gigs of the Week

Gigs of the Week | 16th-22nd Nov

It's not Christmas yet, good people, so get out and enjoy the Gigs the Week before Slade lays seasonal siege to your sub-conscious.