No Brisfest 2014

Local fest to take a break next year.

Brisfest Logo

Volunteers want our help in more ways than the Festival alone.

After six ever-topping years, The Bristol Festival Community Group take a break from festivities at Ashton Court to focus on other events, such as Rave On Avon, the Stokes Croft Takeover and new projects to be announced soon. There are also plans to launch a new event staffing agency and local music search tool.

“We listen to feedback each year about what people want” says Volunteer Manager Emily Gibbs, “and what’s come from that is that local musicians and volunteers want our help in more ways than the Festival alone. We’ve been working on these behind the scenes for the last few years so we’re looking forward to going live soon.”

Brisfest hopes to return to Ashton Court in 2015, with the planning group already casting their eyes on new potential sponsors as a means make it bigger than ever.

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