17th March | O2 Academy

For over a decade now, British DJ and Producer Will Holland, otherwise known as Quantic has been pushing the boundaries across multiple genres, constantly adapting his approach and sound while inviting fans to experience new types of music.

Known for his broken house beats and jazzy instrumentation, Quantic’s latest album 1000 Watts is not what you might have expected. Deeply influenced in reggae and dub, this album could be played out on a sound system and no one would realise it wasn’t made by a longstanding dub producer.

From house to hip hop and everything in between, Quantic is a remarkable musician and his use of computer generated bits and integrated live music makes his show’s something to get excited over.

It’s hard to believe Quantic’s first studio album (The 5th Exotic) was released in 2001 featuring the distinctly recognisable, inception-esque classic ‘Time Is The Enemy’. It’s the song everyone knows and for a good reason, a fusion of hip hop, jazz and classical that you can listen to on repeat over and over again.

Quantic will play at Bristol’s O2 academy on 17th March as part of Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival, joined by his band and long term collaborator, Alice Russell.

Check out ‘Time Is The Enemy’ below.