Albert Hammond Jr | Preview

Albert Hammond Jr @ The Fleece, Bristol. 14.05.14.


Albert Hammond Jr will be heading to The Fleece (13th) to share material from his latest EP ‘AHJ’.

The sounds produced from Hammond’s solo career are far from edgy city anthems, instead he explores a realm of colour and experimentation. Latest single ‘Rude Customer’ lyrically dips into a strange restaurant scenario of asking for bills and getting change, while the cartoon like melodics of his two solo albums comfortably tell of a surreal world, led by chippy and bright guitar work.

Those who’ve heard ‘Comedown Machine’ will be reassured to know that this is The Strokes man delving into his most exciting intentions in a while, meaning that this not a show not to be missed.

Listen to a bit of ‘Everyone Gets A Star’ right here: 

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