Since forming in 2012, English, French and Norwegian musical collective AOU have been taking inspiration from acts such as Kraftwerk and Joy Division to combine psychedelic, electronic soundscapes with the atmospheric energy of a live indie show. Influenced by their various musical backgrounds, they’ve spent the past two years finding and honing a distinct sound, and now 2014 sees the release of their brand new self-titled EP.

Opening with a song simply titled ‘Intro’, it’s difficult to pin down the exact sound that AOU are trying to achieve, with the fifty-seven second track becoming more and more like a 30 Seconds To Mars intro. However, it’s not long before the song transitions into ‘All Of Us’, become the first indication that this record may have been dragged out from the early eighties new-wave era and combined with more modern, electronic sounds. But of course, that’s not to say that the EP isn’t absolutely incredible.

You can hear AOU’s self-titled EP right here:

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