Augustines | Preview

Augustines @ Trinity Centre, Bristol. 17.04.14.

Augustines are three dudes from Brooklyn who write gut-wrenching, goosebump-inducing rock songs with a huge, stadium-ready sound. Singer Billy McCarthy comes from a troublesome background, giving the music a melancholy feel as the lyrics tackle the struggles of his past. The live shows exude nothing but positivity and triumph, though, with huge singalongs and crowd interaction clearly showing their success so far. They claim they are “living proof that things can get better”.

They hit Trinity Centre on the 17th as part of their second album tour - the ‘Walkabout Tour’. It’s aptly named after a song from their new self-titled album, released earlier this year. Full of epiphanous might, it’s a story of McCarthy’s travelling experiences and homeland.

For fans of Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, or indeed any kind of epic rock. Definitely not one to miss.

Watch ‘Nothing To Lose But Your Head’ here:

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