Chris Mackin


The Twilight Sad | Preview

Renowned for their ear-splitting loudness onstage, not to mention the limited edition re-release of their debut on double LP, this is the perfect time for fans old and new to enjoy The Twilight Sad

65daysofstatic with Thought Forms & Chiyoda-Ku | Live Review

We’re humans with our own agenda, not iPods…

Chiyoda-Ku – ‘Bread and Circuses’ | EP Review

Their debut EP ‘Bread and Circuses’ is one that exudes a passion to create.

The Traps

Since 2011, brothers Nick and Jamie Berry, Daniel Webb and James Minhas have been making their own unique brand of pop music. Opting for the DIY ethos, the band have had a smattering of releases, including their debut LP ‘Calypso’.

Flags - ‘Oil and Sparks’ EP | Full Review

The whole experience is one that blurs into the subconscious, those four-tracks simply becoming one single piece that ends all to abruptly. There's a masterful sense that each song is simply building slowly into the next, testing the listener’s resolve for a final triumphant decree of noise.