Banks | Preview

Banks @ Trinity Centre, Bristol. 20.03.14.

With the fervent buzz of hype surrounding her early releases and the mounting media interest in her trademark brand of sultry, hypnotic R&B, Banks has certainly made a distinct impression on the music scene, and is set to touch down at Bristol’s Trinity Centre in the coming month.

Banks’ darkly intense grooves give each of her songs an overpowering sense of magnetism, as each track seems to grab you by the throat, dangerous, yet at the same time seductively smooth, making for a truly cathartic listening experience. This very sense of catharsis is what makes Banks’ music so powerful, particularly in ‘Waiting Game’, as the raw power of her lyrics combined with the stark, almost minimalist instrumental, creates a gravity that seems to connect intimately with the listener.

The intimacy that Banks creates with her soulful melodies is captured perfectly with her own statement, that the catharsis her music creates “is air and blood. It’s everything.” This brooding, poignant sense of urgency certainly touches listeners to the core, and will definitely be one to experience live.

Watch the vide for the amazing ‘Waiting Game’ right here:

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