Bonobo | Preview

Bonobo @ Colston Hall, Bristol. 01.03.14.

Last year, UK Producer Simon Green, better known as downtempo maestro Bonobo, released his fifth studio album ‘North Borders’. Despite a leak and the ensuing rushed release, the album still caused a buzz with house lovers across the globe as a result of his distinctive, introspective sound. Now, he’s set to bring his ambient and melancholic grooves to Bristol, at our own Colston Hall — 1st March.

With his trademark silken percussion, subtle, echoing vocal loops and expert production, Bonobo’s latest album maintains a sense of organic warmth that many other electronic musicians seem to lose, creating a soulful blend of (oh so often) early morning wind-down music.

For the lovers of chilled, hypnotic beats (i.e vast swathes of Bristol’s population) Bonobo’s show is guaranteed to have you waving your arms.

Watch the retro-trip of a video for ‘Cirrus’ right here:

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