A new Bristol-based initiative See It From Her has come together to support women and non-binary people who feel oppression and discrimination because of their identity. The project aims to empower these people and provide a space in which they can be heard through photography and image.

On Sunday, 12th June, SIFH are putting on an all-day event. ‘Borderless’ is an all day event where women take back power and space. Taking place at Trinity Centre, ‘Borderless’ will see performances from collectives Thorny and Sapphire Records as well as panel discussions surrounding sexism, objectification and rape culture as well as Xenophobia, racism and hate crime.

There will also be stand-up comedy, films and workshops, including a masterclass in voguing and as well as a powerful ‘self-portrait’ exhibition. “This programme intends to figure out how we formed the distance amongst us in order to be able to mend those relationships, listen to each other and understand our individual experiences, ” SIFH said in a statement.

“In our society the voices of women and oppressed genders are often ignored: although the event is open to everyone, the programme will be taken up entirely by women (trans, intersex and cis) and non-binary people.

“We want to challenge oppression, dissect privilege and find power and beauty in vulnerability.” Tickets for the event are free but you must register to ensure entry

See you there!