Cold In Berlin with Nasty Little Lonely | Preview

Cold In Berlin + Nasty Little Lonely @ Exchange, Bristol. 10.04.15.

Candlelight Records’ gothic/no wave/doom/and the rest outfit Cold In Berlin’s fourth offering ‘The Comfort of Loss & Dust’ is out this spring, granting us all passage to witness their creeping, wailing live show, heading to Bristol’s Exchange this Friday 10th April.

Self-described “Siouxsie Sioux smacking you in the face with a Mudhoney record”, it’s clear that fusion is, and remains to be, on the cards for the London four-piece. Early snippets from the new full-length in particular suggest a mix punk rock and doom-gaze, still replete in gothic imagery and dark themes. Vocalist Maya shares that, while pinning down their sound is hard, “pain resonates throughout” the new record — and it doesn’t get much more goth than that.

Joining the bill are the similarly transmutative Nasty Little Lonely, whose somewhat industrial take on postpunk and more is sewn together with macabre stories and quiet-loud songwriting, the latter really coming into its own through the inescapable face-slap of a live PA.

Check out Cold In Berlin’s ‘The Bell’ right here:

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