Combichrist | Preview

Combichrist @ The Fleece, Bristol. 13.12.14.


I like my music like I like my ambiguously gendered romantic interests. Gritty, dark, filthy, and polished. Being batshit crazy helps, too. Therefore, I like Combichrist. A lot. To me, the best label for Combichrist’s music would be aggrotech. Translation: take the pounding and driving rhythms of industrial music, add the powerful synths of dark techno, and top it all off with heavily distorted vocals. It’s perfect for stompy dancing, and goths love to dance stompily.

In the studio, Combichrist is a one man project, with everything created by none other than Andy LaPlegua, also known for such iconic acts as Icon of Coil, and Panzer AG. Fear not however, for this will not simply be some puppet master DJ type performance. Andy brings a fantastic set of musicians on tour with him, ensuring that the visual aspects of the show will be just as ace as the aural. It’s going to be dark, it’s going to be kicking, and it’s going to be one hell of a party. Fleece, 13th.

Check out ‘Maggots At The Party’ right here:

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