Covenant | Preview

Covenant @ The Fleece, Bristol. 08.03.15.


If we can associate any one band with the concepts of consistency and seminality, it’s Covenant. The Swedish EBM/synthpop veterans formed nearly thirty years ago and have been putting out incredible tunes ever since. Whilst they may not ever have gained the same name recognition as The Human League, Depeche Mode or Front 242, I can’t for one moment understate the influence these true pioneers have had on industrial music and culture.

From the early days of ‘Dreams of a Cryotank’ (1994) all the way through to 2013’s ‘Leaving Babylon’, Covenant have been producing dark, electronic brilliance of the highest order. Witnessing these heroes at The Fleece on the 8th will no doubt evoke feelings of reverance, bordering on hero worship. Goths of Bristol, unite!

Check out ‘Bullet’ right here:

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