Crystal Fighters | Preview

Live at Anson Rooms, 29.11.13


Crystal Fighters are a festival-perfect samba-land happy-band from London (though you’d think they were from somewhere dead tropical from their carnival sound).

Most of the stuff they do sounds like it should soundtrack an indie version of the The Lion King - in a really good way.  Their songs all tell stories of a beautiful, right-on people that live on a magical isle, leading a simple life that involves making some of the best alternative-dance around.

Its music that speaks of adventure; it entices you into a sunny state of mind where all you want to do is fashion a headdress out of a hammock and dance around a fire on a white beach, after a mystical journey through beautiful jungle, filled with exotic birds of colourful paper. Theirs are the songs that really have you getting your head down and dancing solidly, smilingly from the start of the show to the very end.

All the delicate intricate rhythms and sun-soaked lyrics that we associate with the best holiday ever are here, so if you’re off to enjoy some winter sun, head to Crystal Fighters to get in the mood. If you’re not lucky enough to be getting away (especially if you’re not), surely you need a shot of Basque country sunshine as this biting November draws to a close?

I’ll be the one down the front wearing the hammock headdress and clutching a carton of Um Bongo. Tropical.

This show is now sold out. Check out big tune ‘You & I’ right here: