Cursor Major - ‘Interloper’ | EP Review & Watch ‘Floating Around’ Video

Cursor Major - 'Interloper' | Bellicose | 24.03.14

Cursor Major Fishtank

Lunging in from reality’s elastic periphery come Cursor Major and their debut EP, ‘Interloper’. Helmed by Andy ‘Major’ Norton of John Peel-championed indie outfit The Crimea, and with collaboration from Prodigy’s Kieron Pepper and Bat For Lashes’ Tim Allen, this is one we’ve rather been awaiting.

Half band, half mad scientist, this first offering bears four retro-wave ear-worms, all tinged with a subtle darkness that becomes more apparent as time ticks on. This decidedly jilted take on glimmering pop combines an endless supply of just-so polyrhythms with wry vocals and a twisted, tangential approach to genre.

Although uncharacteristically consistent for a DIY debut, perhaps second track ‘Floating Around’ brings all these elements together best. Entering with a menacing synth, it evokes amidst the interlocking melodies and dystopian tones the spirit of Tears For Fears, all delivered with a gramophone-laden, britpop nonchalance.

Utter mastery of theme and melody - my favourite release of the year so far.

Watch the awesome new video for ‘Floating Around’ right here:

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