Deerhunter ‘Fading Frontier’ | Album Review

Deerhunter 'Fading Frontier' | 4AD | 16.10.15.

For more than a decade, Deerhunter have produced an eclectic mix of indie rock without breaking loose into the mainstream conscience. ‘Fading Frontier’ may change this — as their most commercial effort to date — but this is a record still prone to dark, schizophrenic moments that threaten to derail it all.

For the main it’s a fantastic guitar-driven collection, peaking for me on ‘Breaker’ with its sweet, lilting refrain; but ‘Take Care’ detours toward a dystopian world, where psychedelia and tape manipulation bring about a distortion which ‘Leather and Wood’ then pushes to the extreme. Spectacularly shaking this off, however, lead single ‘Snakeskin’ reminds that, dark lyrics aside, there’s pleasure to be found here.

Check out ‘Living My Life’ right here: 

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