Desaparecidos ‘Payola’ | Album Review

In an age where the protest song has been silenced in favour of viral videos, forums and other more modern public movements, Desaparecidos’ long-awaited sophomore LP ‘Payola’ is a howling gust in a sea of disillusionment. With fists clenched, this resurrected beast speaks in those trademark tortured rasps, the fourteen-track manifesto a fervent call to rally hearts and minds to its cause. Oberst’s lyrics eschew any metaphorical mires in favour of bare-knuckled anthemics, with his abrasive wails propelled quickly along punk-paved highways.

The key to any reformation is harmony; an ability to retain the identity of your past whilst adapting to the here and now. If we ever needed a blueprint, we’ve found it in ‘Payola’.

Check out ‘City on the Hill’ right here: