Dinosaur Pile-Up ‘Eleven Eleven’ | Album Review

Dinosaur Pile-Up 'Eleven Eleven' | SO Recordings | 16.10.15.

Whether it’s DFA 1979-inspired noise or tenacious riffs channeling the rockers of old, said influences have birthed a new set of post-grunge offerings in the form of third album ‘Eleven Eleven’ — and Dinosaur Pile-Up are ready to punch holes.

From the piercing guitars and relentless energy on title track ‘11:11’, to the more rough-and-ready ‘Grim Valentine’, it’s safe to say they’re back and very much roaring. And while there’s certainly nothing new here in terms of sound, as usual it’s the trio’s songwriting and execution that separate them from the pack. Prepare yourselves for the head-banging experience of your life.

Check out 11:11 right here:

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