Doldrums | Preview

Doldrums @ The Louisiana, Bristol. 22.05.15.

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Spawned from the Montreal DIY scene, Doldrums are lovingly known for their often unsettlingly heavy electronic sound. With many accolades and a prestigious Boiler Room appearance behind them, the Sub Pop bunch are hitting The Louisiana this Friday — the next in a string of tantalising Chiverin showcases.

The band’s third album ‘The Air Conditioned Nightmare’ deals with the country that left behind, as they turned their backs on the suffocating world of big business, pollution and misinformation. It’s a morally-guided effort that skulks about with dirty synths and thrashing beats from the word go.

With support coming from Howling Owl’s forward-thinking Silver Waves, this is the type of show that only comes around once in a while, so snag a ticket while you can.

Check out that Boiler Room set right here:

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