Ema Sierra Premier New Track ‘Hexy Go Mouse’ in Run-up to RSD

Ema Sierra, now Ema Sierra and band, have been squirrelling away of late — now with a fab new track to show for it.

‘Hexy Go Mouse’ sits nicely between the less-is-more atmosphere of now and jilted, kooked-out, 90s nochalance. The slow-burner exercises a rare sense of control that makes it not only an addictive, but damned satisfying listen. There are heaps of attitude to fall in love with on this, the latest in a slew of new material from Chiverin Records.

To grab the track, and the whole Chiverin compilation, head to Rise Bristol this Record Store Day (18th April) and get your hands on one of their limited edition download cards. You can also catch the band (plus RHAIN) live there, or at this year’s Dot To Dot (23rd May).

Check out ‘Hexy Go Mouse’ right here:

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