Most festivals are lazy with their release schedules. Yeah, there’s always that rush of excitement when Glasto is revealed for the first time, but usually you’re having it dribbled to you by Fearne Cotton, only pausing to tell you how much she loves each act and how each act is, inexplicably, her favourite.

Our friends at End of the Road aren’t lazy though. To announce their first wave of acts, which includes Joanna Newsom, Animal Collective and Bats for Lashes, the festival have released a film featuring a board meeting of various animals. There’s an owl that seems to be the notetaker and a pretty sarcy badger, called Badgerman. The CEO of the company is obviously a bear (or as I call him, Mark Zuckerbearg).

After some of the naughtier animals try to derail the meeting by trying to get the festival to partner with a big sponsor or just get some “landfill indie” artists to headline, our hero Mark Zuckerbearg saves the day, giving an emphatic speech where he tells the rest of the assembled woodland creates that it’s more about “Good people. Good booze. Good fun. Good bands.” Right on, Mark Zuckerbearg.

Basically though, the festival have announced a load of great acts already. Dilly Dally, Cat Power and Shura, along with the aforementioned headliners, are set to make End of the Road festival your summer highlight for the 11th year running. Grab tickets from their website.

Check out the announcement video right here: