Farmfest 2015 – Saturday | Diary

Farmfest 2014 @ Gilcombe Farm, Bruton. 01.08.15.


Until next time Farmfest, you’ve exceeded all expectation.

It’s quickly apparent that most people are keen to see off their hangover heads on the Saturday morning. The weather is somewhat gloomy but it doesn’t stop the sold-out festival crowd from retaining their upbeat spirit.

We skip breakfast in lieu of C.Duncan who is one of the early acts on. Considering that accolades are fast stacking up behind his debut album ‘Architect’, it seems like a peculiarly quaint affair. The classically trained musician sings with light and airy tones as repetitive instrumentation works away in the background. It’s the perfectly relaxed start we need as people sit attentively listening.

Re-visiting the same tent a few hours later the scene is totally different. The Flamenco Thief brings joyful acoustic guitars which are layered and looped to have the whole tent moving. It’s so easy to enjoy; the intricacy of his rhythm-packed playing is simply a privilege to watch. In fact, the man could easily be likened to Rodrigo Y Gabriela; he leaves to rapturous calls for an encore.

Next on the agenda is the local Lee Rahn, who has moved to London since his appearances in former years. It’s easy to see how he strengthens with every performance as he embraces new techniques on the acoustic guitar. We’re gifted details of every lyrical inspiration prior to certain songs and also some small-talk. It’s all rather charming as he plays through his numbers; a particular highlight comes with a John Martyn cover.

We take the next opportunity to head over to the Wild Beer Co to make the most of local produce on offer, something which also helps no doubt pep ourselves up for the evening ahead. We then catch a fleeting bit of Bristol duo Brockley Forest who are making their Farmfest debut. They deliver big, crunchy, blues-rock tracks with conviction and vigour, evidently loving the moment.

Bedding in on the mainstage for the evening, we first catch the glorious Portico. It’s a both serene and euphoric experience as their hard-hitting anthems roll over the broody field. Moments prior a super-sized blue moon has just set over the horizon. The whole evening feels a bit special really and this music is the perfect soundtrack to accompany it.

Submotion Orchestra draw last blood on the mainstage. It’s perhaps the busiest the field has been all weekend as they play the festival for the second time. Their big electronic tracks are both bombast and decisive but minimal and intricate at the same time. We then head into the Shapes tent and kill off our beautiful weekend amongst friends listening to copious amounts of house music. Until next time Farmfest, you’ve exceeded all expectation.

Check out a bit of Submotion Orchestra right here:

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