Five Jams to Help You Through Your Day

Sometimes we all need a little motivation. Whether it’s getting out of bed in the morning, hitting the gym or even facing our dreaded boss at work, at times it can take a little more than just a can-do attitude to spur us on to do things.

There have been countless studies proving that music can affect our behaviour, so why shouldn’t it be that music can motivate us? Music can make us happy, sad, fired up or mellowed out – or indeed, it can just provide us with a little added pleasure when we’re taking part in life’s most mundane tasks. Whatever you’re tasked with, here are a few jams to help you get through your day.

Driving: Carpenter Brut – Anarchy Road

We’re all too familiar with the car adverts which see the unneccessarily good looking male cruising around the mountains in his brand new vehicle, complete with an electric anthem in the background to set the scene. Carpenter Brut does just this with ‘Anarchy Road’, beautifully exemplifying the ‘outrun’ subgenre of electro.

Exercising: Drenge – We Can Do What We Want

 We’re just a couple of months away from running season now, so if you need a good excuse to get your running shoes on, Drenge’s ‘We Can Do What We Want’ will put you in the runaway spirit. Its chaotic punky vibe, complete with crashing cymbals and a cool bassline, provides the perfect fast-pace ‘get up and go’ running soundtrack, and would complement interval training perfectly.

Gaming: Heyrocco - Elsewhere

Let’s not forget that the perfect gaming session requires the perfect musical accompaniment, be it console, PC or online. In land-based casinos, we don’t have the luxury of choosing our own music, which can often be repetitive and encourage us to ‘play on.’ Playing at Jackpot City, however, can give us free reign to put on our own blend of peppy, grungey rock. Step forward, then, Heyrocco, whose Elsewhere not only features on the Teenage Movie soundtrack, but also makes great background noise for any gaming session.

Chilling out: Plastic Mermaids - Polaroids

Much of today’s ‘chill out’ music can be considered a little bland, but such is not the case with Plastic Mermaids. Providing the perfect blend of insightful lyrics and delicate beats, the ocean-based video truly complements this, as the gentle violins and piano melodies wash over the listener.

At work: Oliver Wilde – Play and Be Saved

We all can feel like we need saving from time to time in the work place, and nothing conveys this message better than Oliver Wilde. Play and Be Saved is reminiscent of The Eels back in the 90s, providing a perfect background track that helps us maintain focus in the workplace.

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