Supported by Matt Wills, an acoustic singer songwriter from East London in the vein of Ed Sheeran, who played songs about unrequited love and jumped into a three minute freestyle based on the word Wagamamas after shouting to the crowd for inspiration, he tied up with a cover of everyone’s new-old favourite Craig David’s ‘7 days’.

Wills is very comfortable on the stage and indulged in the audience; setting us up for the next act of the evening the slightly more timid RIVRS. RIVRS made a subtly bold impression with a gorgeous cover of Fleetwood Macs ‘ The Chain’, which exposed  Charlotte’s hauntingly brilliant vocals in raw comparison to the predominantly electro pop sound they played for the rest of their set.

Then, finally, the girl we’d all been waiting for; FOXES opened with a succession of tracks from ‘All I Need’, for which she received the vocal support of the majority of her audience who with equal passion sang along with ‘Better Love’, ‘Holding on to Heaven’ and ‘Body Talk’, all the while the glitter on her face catching the stage lights.  Her warm and funny demeanour grabbed us the second she walked on the stage, chatting and interacting with us, making us feel almost as though she had invited us along personally.

She shared stories and anecdotes for the songs she played that evening, this was particularly insightful as she introduced ‘Youth’, from her debut album Glorious back in 2014. It features the poignant lyrics “Don’t tell me our youth is running out, it’s only just begun”; telling us that this is a fear that for her is still present, “My youth” she said, “I’m terrified of losing it”. A thought that is instantly relatable to a generation, who know only too well, the notion of having to act like a “grown up” whilst still feeling not quite grown up.

It is evident that FOXES is an expert at creating an infectious pop track; ‘Cruel’, a personal favourite from All I Need is experimentally RnB in its sound, clever and addictive and proves how much work has gone into creating her second record, as it steps away from what we heard on Glorious, but still remains infectious in its sound.

Expertly demonstrating the power of her voice she sat down to sing ‘If You Leave Me Now’ probably the most emotional song from All I Need, and was accompanied by a cellist. This stripped back, vulnerable song is distressingly beautiful in its honesty and indulgence of heartbreak and was in perfect contrast to her next move; rounding out an evening of good covers, Foxes stepped into her go of Justin Beiber’s ‘Sorry’, having fun with it and slowing it down considerably, she owned it completely.

Finishing up the night with ‘Clarity’, the Zedd track featuring her vocals for which she was awarded a Grammy back in 2014 a time when her first record Glorious had yet to even be released. This closure brought us full circle, giving an insightful glimpse into the woman that is FOXES and demonstrating her to be one of the most captivating sounds of this generation.

Check out ‘Clarity’ right here: