George Ezra - ‘Cassy O’ | EP Review

George Ezra - 'Cassy O' | Columbia Records | 16.03.14

The blues indebted sounds of George Ezra‘s latest EP tap straight into the bloodline of all BBC Introducing darlings. It’s high spirited, full of character and charmingly witty.

Ezra is of kin to the world of singer songwriters who proudly push the envelope beyond your usual acoustic guitar and trembling lower lip formula. The quirk within the songs is enough to confirm this, be it the synth minglings of ‘Get Lonely With Me’ or uncompromising solitarily of ‘Over The Creek’. This four track is a real statement of intent from a Bristol individual who has been nurtured by the city from his very beginnings.

Although ‘Cassy O’ takes on an endearing narrative, it’s farfetched and humorous, something which has fast become a trait within Ezra’s lyrics “I travelled to Australia and I travelled their by train” he chirps as though it’s a blazing summers day. That’s not to say this EP can’t pull a bitter punch, ‘Coat Of Armour’ is a woeful ending note that comes seemingly out of the blue.

If there’s one thing this release proves, it’s that young Ezra is confident enough to dabble out of his comfort zone and embrace new sounds; It will be more than interesting to see which ones make their way onto his debut album in the near future.

Check out ‘Cassy O’ right here:

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