Goat | Preview

Red Bull Music Academy UK Tour: Goat @ Circomedia, Bristol. 04.04.15.

Swedish bunch Goat are considered amongst the most forward-thinking ranks of the psych world. After their triumphant show at Trinity last year, the ever-enigmatic band are returning as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Tour.

The night will take place at Circomedia, better known as St Paul’s Church on Portland Square, so with the prospect of an unusual venue to soak up and some exotic world-music to take in, this is looking to be a special one.

They rarely give interviews, do photoshoots or even show their faces, making teaming up with Red Bull Music Academy a rare (and perhaps bizarre) partnership for the band, who normally enjoy being shrouded in a certain level of mystery. So with RBMA to thank, we’re lucky to be the city of choice for this one-off event.

Listen to their last album ‘Commune’ and you’ll understand the majestic speciality of the artists behind the music. This is not one to be missed.

Check out ‘Hide From The Sun’ right here: 

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