Health ‘Death Magic’ | Album Review

Health 'Death Magic' | Fiction Records | Out now.


If you’re looking for a typically breezy summer album, then HEALTH’s ‘Death Magic’ doesn’t immediately come to mind. But then who would choose a lethargic collection of seasonal tunes over the urgent violence of such an intricately-crafted record?

‘Death Magic’ is a rare modern example of a true album, rather than a collection of assorted songs. The almost antagonistic darkness of their sound evokes its own unique environment as clearly as any painting would, with layers of sound building in your earholes like paint on a canvas — or rather, someone scratching the sh*t out of a canvas in an explosion of uncontrolled rage. The throbbing synths, chaotic breakdowns and relentless drums make for an album that goes directly for the jugular.

Stream away right here:

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