Ho99o9 | PREVIEW

Ho99o9 @ The Louisiana, Bristol. 13.12.15

A hardcore, punk rap duo, Ho99o9 are like a nightmare you never want to wake up from

Ho99o9 are often described as ‘hip-hop’ but to be honest, they’re much more than a simple genre tag. Blending hardcore and punk into their sound, the USA duo showcase a devilishly stomach-churning effect that’s like a nightmare you never want to wake up from. They’re loud, they’re in your face and they’re rapping about things that matter; things that they’re angry about and hecl, we’re mad as hell about them too.

An incredibly visual band, their live set-up is often made up of costumes and illustrated animations, with both members putting their all into the performance – it’s exhausting just to witness their physicality but an aspect that will shake you from your real-life slumber into a motion you never thought capable. With this being their first European tour, it’s a rare chance to catch a glimpse of a band that will certainly be making waves this time next year. And with Bristol’s own Giant Swan supporting, it’ll certainly be a test on the ears and the mind. Oh sweet, innocent Louisiana, you won’t know what’s hit you.

Check out ‘Deathkult Disciples (999 Anthem) right here:

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