23rd October | Trinity

Sensual and intense. That’s how I described their album Warm on a Cold Night prior to their gig in Bristol, and their live performance was no different. HONNE took us on a journey - from the start to the finish there were twists and turns, a rollercoaster of emotions throughout, captivating from the moment they stepped on stage.

The duet, also known as James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck, described Bristol as feeling like coming home, a nod to James who is from Swindon. Accompanied tonight by Dauyne Sanford on drums, Amadu Koroma on bass guitar and Naomi Scarlett on vocals, whom they have collaborated with on a number of tracks from their debut album. Playing at Bristol’s Trinity Centre, a venue I have mixed emotions for due to the school disco resemblance - lacking charm and atmosphere. HONNE made up for both of these.

Opening with few of their better known songs, ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ and ‘Coastal Love’, their sound really blurs electronic and soul, Clutterbuck’s voice is serene and crisp which captures your ears whilst Hatcher on keyboard and backing vocals captures your body as you find yourself moving to the upbeat riffs. A musical rollercoaster as the gig went on; a mixture of dancing and arm waving – either one the crowd were more than happy to participate. Taking the time in-between tracks to engage with crowd, they paint themselves as a genuine humble band.

As the evening draws to a close they hand over the stage to Naomi Scarlett who owns the stage with ‘Someone That Loves You’, a truly pure and soulful voice which is confirmed by her choir background. Ending the night with ‘All The Value’, it was the perfect song to close a captivating set.

HONNE are a force to be reckoned with, they have the lyrics, the sound and the charm – it won’t be long until they’ll be playing bigger venue having already added an extra date to their New York show. A truly majestic gig - HONNE kept us warm on a cold, cold night.

Watch the video for ‘Someone That Loves You’ below.