Hot Chip | Preview

Hot Chip @ O2 academy, Bristol. 13.10.15.

Back when DFA Records was coughing up disco punk a plenty; it created the careers of the likes of Radio 4 and The Rapture, who with numerous others, sculpted aggressive, angular visions to pickle many a dance floor. But around the same time, it also decided to sign Hot Chip — who were decidedly contrasting in character.

These light handed chiefs of Electro-pop had no punk leanings at all. They were more like a leisurely Sunday afternoon 21st century version of Kraftwork… from London. It was music that couldn’t have sounded any smoother; layered with infectious grooves and casual beats. They persistently flirt with disco and soul moods, over which they draw their own playful and whimsical lyrics, with softly-brushed melodies that hug your ears as you listen.

Since their 2006 album ‘The Warning’, Hot Chip have enjoyed a firm and well-deserved following, playing Glastonbury amongst dozens of other festivals, as well as having a track featured in global television behemoth ‘The Simpsons’, unexpectedly. This year saw the release of their sixth (sixth) album ‘Why Make Sense’, their first original album in three years.

Lead single ‘Huarache Lights’ displays a heavy-footed disco strut, preparing us for a bigger and more decisive sound than some of their previous work. Watching them perform a whole new batch of tunes will be a delightful additional to the usual experience — them gently massaging your hearing with those syrup-sweet past offerings.

Watch ‘Huarache Lights’ here:

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