Nick Mulvey

Nick Mulvey seems to be one of those sickeningly multi-talented individuals whose successes hardly seem fair (leave some for the rest of us Mulvey!) - but his rise and rise through uber-successful bands and various genres while playing almost completely unique instruments doesn’t mean that we should be completely jealous, especially when he creates things as lovely as his newest single, ‘Nitrous’.

Mulvey first came into the public eye in a pretty spectacular way- his jazz quartet’s debut, ‘Knee Deep in the North Sea’ was both nominated for the Mercury Prize and named best jazz album 2008 by Time Out. Pretty jazzy. He left the Portico Quartet in 2010, leaving his hang (an intuitively played instrument invented in the early 2000s) behind him, and embracing what he always felt left him second fiddle, the humble guitar.

Wielding this new weapon into a new world of solo music, Mulvey took a six month hiatus that left him purposely adrift from the music world (and all the hype that comes with it) to study the work of his favourite artists before recording his first EP, ‘The Trellis’, and soon after, his most famous ‘Fever to the Form’ EP. Every release seems to bring something new to the Nick Mulvey music party, and his newest one, ‘Nitrous’ veers from the completely warm and safe to an edgier attitude. The sample of Olive’s dance classic ‘You’re Not Alone’ adds something unexpected to a somewhat conventional (yet undeniably catchy) acoustic record.

Listen to it here:

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