Steve Strong

We introduce Steve Strong and check out his video for 'Gorilla Army'.

As a solo artist, Plymouth’s Steve Strong delivers a bombast and full bodied sound on his debut album, ‘Three Hands Tall’. Striding into entirely different sounds within seconds, the record brilliantly flurries between shouting hardcore and tranquil piano. This doesn’t at all disrupt the smooth discourse of the eleven tracks, as even the harmonious tones of ‘Together’ and ‘Gorilla Army’ feel like they’re purposely building up to a thwarting release of something heavier.

It’s wise not to pinpoint this music to any specific genre though, as that would only limit it. This is a proud body of work that has been years in the making, healthily described by Strong as “a kind of diary of the last four years in my life”, the range of tones, styles, ups and downs could easily describe moments in such a memoir. Steve Strong has certainly found a clear-cut individual style, what’s more exciting is the confidence he executes it with.

Check out Steve’s ‘Gorilla Army’ video right here: