Blaue Blume


The debut track from Blaue Blume, ‘On New Years Eve’, surfaced last month, and we were blown away.

After a careful and deliberate journey to find their sound, they’ve arrived firmly in the wistful vein of Wild Beasts or Anthony & The Johnsons, with their own Danish twist.

This inspiring appetite-whetter was born out of a handful of songs sketched out during a road trip through the US and Canada, amazingly in the very van which served as both studio and home.

Reportedly inspired by the drama of The Smiths and the melodic structures of Cocteau Twins, they also cite certain aspects of Genesis, Roxy Music and even Nina Simone as helping them sculpt their chosen sound.

Blaue Blume’s poetic passion for their finely crafted output make it a pleasure to dive into -

“On New Years Eve’ is a manifestation of a past youth, ushered in by the peal of the town hall’s bells striking midnight. A delirious boy dances through the streets in an inferno of feasts, fireworks, drinking and lechery. Completely unaffected by the fact that everything is collapsing around him, he dwells on the thought of finally having drained her spit from the kisses, she gave. Love is transient.”

Hear it for yourself, right here: