Photo: Matt Palmer

Supergroups are usually a bit naff really aren’t they? Well not this time idiots. Garden Centre are your new favourite band, and feature members of all your other favourite bands: King of Cats, Joanna Gruesome, Keel Her and Towel.

The SUPERband’s new single ‘Riding’ is the first taste of their self-titled debut record, which will be out June 24th on Faux Discx, and sounds exactly like what mashing all those bands together. It’s an angsty indie-pop song that’s lo-fi, simple and sounds like it’s been supercharged with a whole packet of Haribo Starmix.

Apparently their music is based on the experiences and memories of a group of people that used to hang around in an abandoned plant nursery (see where the name comes from eh?). As well as the record coming out, the band will also be playing touring, playing Bristol’s Roll for Soul cafe on the 25th June. You can pre-order a limited edition cassette of the album from here.

Check out ‘Riding’ right here: