Pascal Pinon

pascal mainNamed after a Mexican freak show act who died in 1929, Pascal Pinon are a Icelandic band formed by twin sisters Jófríður and Ásthildur who started the  band when they were 14. Now set to release their second album off the back of a world tour, things are heating up.

Fluttering piano and stripped back orchestra elements, and with an earthy charm at it’s heart, the brand new track “When I Can’t Sleep” is a delightful hint at the charming new material we can expect to hear this year.

Now i want to take a second to talk about Iceland. For a start, Pascal Pino is certainly part of the growing exhibition of new generation talent emerging from Iceland alongside Soley, Sin Fang and Of Monsters Of Men. Maybe it’s the stunning landscape, or just the lack of McDonalds and Starbucks, but nowhere else such a high quality to population ratio as our favourite arctic circle island.

They play a special show at The Lexington on the 28th of March.