suuns mainMaybe not an introduction for some of you, but for the uninitiated, there’s doesn’t seem like a better opportunity than with the release of a new album. The Montreal based four-piece release their newest full length offering ‘Images Du Futur’ on Secretly Canadian in May.

Suuns set out to expand upon the music experiments of their critically acclaimed first album ‘Zeroes QC’, and with the tantalizing hints new single ‘2020’ offers, it looks like deeper step into the eerie kraut world this band has spent the last six years creating.

Juxtaposed and skeletal, it’s refreshing to a hear band being genuinely experimental, without this meaning they have bought another delay pedal, in a time when hiding behind effects seems the accepted norm. The video for ‘2020’ is equally stripped back and industrial, with a visual intensity as hypnotic as the track is, this is the perfect (if troubling) new chapter for one of leftfield music’s greatest hopes.