Wolf People


Words: April Donnelly

Now we introduce to you Wolf People, who believe it or not have just released their third full length, ‘Fain’.

Listening to lead track (and personal favourite) ‘All Returns’, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d slipped back into a bygone musical era littered with costumes, extended instrumental breaks and outrageous sparkly trousers. But not for long, because this four-piece from Beford capture a delicate and sophisticated elegance that sets them apart from their drug fuelled and chaotic prog-rock predecessors (that and an appearance far more demure than Peter Green ever aspired to in his hey-day).

There’s a clever familiarity woven into the key phrases and the strong folk flavours make the music seem so simple that you almost don’t notice yourself becoming bewitched by its trickery, and although the band members seem quite elusive, we do know that ‘All Returns’ was written about a powerful dream the singer had - where a figure looked through his eyes, into his soul and calmly described his faults and demons.

The fact that this intriguing and enchanting band have chosen my new favourite venue (The Exchange) for their Bristol date on 11th May has increased their appeal even more – see you there!

Check out the video for ‘All Returns’ right here: