Iran Iran ‘Milk Time For Spiders’ | EP Review

Iran Iran 'Milk Time For Spiders' | Self-release | 04.05.15.


Within any genre of music, artists are expected to push the medium in which they operate whilst retaining the original flair and tenacity that made them so relevant in the first place. Iran Iran’s latest EP ‘Milk Time For Spiders’ is the blueprint for that very ethos; five-tracks of adding that extra beat to an already complex signature and pushing toward sonic evolution.

Channeling the ferocity of their earlier releases, but injecting it with some rather spontaneous outbursts a la GIRAFFES? GIRAFFES!, ‘Milk Time For Spiders’ is uncompromising, allowing itself only a few moments of respite before bludgeoning the listener once more. It’ll hurt your head, but in a good way.

Check out Iran Iran on Soundcloud right here:

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