Jack Savoretti | Live Review

London born, Swiss educated, Balearic dwelling Anglo-Italian singer and guitarist Jack Savoretti brought his smorgasbord of influences to Bristol’s Trinity.

It was packed with a diverse audience who we can assume all share the knowledge that here is one of the most soul-feeding and emotionally gratifying live acts to be seen.

While the crowd waited patiently, the venue was filled with sounds of French jazz, classic rock, blues-country and even a song from the film ‘Once Upon A Time in the West’. It’s an eclectic mixtape of a person well-travelled – emotionally and physically, and an indicator of what to expect from the show.

Emerging on stage in all his rugged (yet well-styled) glory, he started proceedings with a Flamenco style interlude leading perfectly into the enlivening ‘Written in Scars’ from the new album. ‘Back to Me’ featured a few songs in and then the sing-along ready ‘Breaking The Rules’ from 2012’s ‘Before the Storm’.

Later saw a solo version of Bob Dylan’s little known ‘Nothin’ ‘Cept You’ which he says in his self-proclaimed ‘transatlantic mutt’ drawl is a song that changed his life. With Jack’s rasping vocal, Dylan-ites would recognise where he draws influence for that bluesy street howl, giving a hard edged version of the song that’s all his own.

‘Catapult’ is something for everyone and perfectly showcased his smoky voice. It’s his best instrument and boomed through the converted church with a unique bass-like texture. It’s this sound that sets him apart from the songwriters he sits next to in the ‘hopeless romantic’ category.

The crowd were stirred from their haze with upbeat ‘Other Side of Love’ and the ever popular ‘Tie Me Down’. Jack smoulders behind the mic, eyeing the audience and singling out a few ladies excitedly gathered in the first three rows (which looked to be quite well choreographed.)

Finally seducing the room with the single ‘Back Where I Belong’ a skilful performance charged with enigma and a discreet glint of self-assurance was delivered here. Tonight had the crowd filtering towards the exit loaded with respect and admiration, fully satisfied.

Listen to ‘Back Where I Belong’ here: