Jake Sampson ‘Spine’ | EP Review

Jake Sampson 'Spine' | Self-release | Out Now.

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Simplistic drum patches, bucket loads of delay and an ‘open arms’ policy in regard to distortion are what give this release its particular tenor.

As guitar riffs stumble over a backdrop of aggressive, frozen reverb, Sampson’s listless vocals provide muffled insight into a tortured mind. The EP’s makeshift, comatose attitude forms a paradox of focus and ties together a myriad of loose themes.

Lead single ‘You’re Smiling’ bears more than a striking resemblance to noir popsters, The XX, but is just jarring enough to do away with their trademark cleanliness, allowing Jake to nonchalantly give it his own personal nudge.

Check out ‘With Bones Attatched’ right here:

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