Jemima Surrender ‘Sylvia’ | Single Review

Jemima Surrender 'Sylvia' | Self-release | Out Now.

‘Sylvia’ is the first taste from Jemima Surrender’s forthcoming album, ‘The Uninhabited World’, due for release this October — and what a joyous one it is. The single embodies the charming world of uninhibited indie-pop that the trio deliver so well, certainly boding well for the full-length.

If, by the end, you’re not walking (or skipping) around your home, singing the name of the song over and over – to yourself, your unsuspecting family or pets – trying to match the same delightful inflection as vocalist Millie Phipps delivers then, well, I guess it’s just me. But I’m sure it’s not.

Stream ‘Sylvia’ right here:

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