LA Priest ‘Inji’ | Album Review

LA Priest 'Inji' | Domino | Out Now.


There’s much going on in the mind of Sam Dust when transforming into his electronic alter-ego LA Priest and, from the singles that preceded his debut album ‘Inji’, it was always promised to have a laid-back, ‘chilled festival evening’ kind of vibe.

It’s taken Dust over five years to record this material, having taken to travelling the world to, amongst other things, ‘create a number of new inventions’. What we have with ‘Inji’ is the result of many encountered influences, all set to what he calls his ‘futurist sonic mosaic’, complete with deadpan vocals which counterpoint things well. A promising debut for fans of Yeasayer, Animal Collective and the rest.

Check out ‘Oino’ right here:

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