La Roux | Preview

La Roux @ O2 Academy, Bristol. 10.11.14.

It’s been five years since her last album, but soon Elly Jackson will be back on the Bristol Academy stage as La Roux. Known for award winning tracks such as ‘In for the Kill’ and the number one hit, ‘Bulletproof’, Jackson is beginning her seven date UK tour following the release of her second album, Trouble in Paradise’ in July of this year. Originally formed as a duo in 2006, she is now touring alone following co-writer and producer Ben Langmaid’s departure midway through their second album.

Various failed collaborations, personal conflicts and battles with anxiety led to two cancelled release dates: as her new album title suggests - following up her self-titled, Grammy award winning debut, was not all plain sailing. However, the final result has received some brilliant reviews and is favoured by many critics over her previous album.

‘Trouble in Paradise’ maintains the synth-pop vibes and electronic focus of La Roux but with noticeable injections of natural instrumentation; making for funkier beats and overall a much fuller sound. The love for eighties disco is still prominent but is coupled with groovy progressions and clever hooks which make for the perfect upbeat, dance-ready album: even songs with more serious undertones such as ‘Cruel Sexuality’ and ‘Let Me Down Gently’, maintain a confident, positive tone.

Jacksons’ new vibe is deeper, dance-inducing, and rich with sun-soaked sounds and sexy lyrics. Personal highlights include the playful lyrics of ‘Kiss and Not Tell’, the incredibly catchy, ‘Sexotheque’ and ‘Silent Partner’, which is seven minutes of brilliant tension building synths and fast-paced lyrics.

I’m excited to see Jackson perform her new material with renewed confidence. ‘Trouble in Paradise’ has yet to receive the airtime it deserves and hope the upcoming tour isn’t overshadowed by the turbulence of its arrival. If you’re a fan of any of La Roux’s chart toppers, definitely have a listen to her new album — and if you like what you hear, check out her show at the Academy on the 10th. I have a feeling it won’t disappoint.

Check out ‘Uptight Downtown’ right here:

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