Light Falls Forward ‘Refraction’ | EP Review

Light Falls Forward | Self-release | 22.06.15.


Light Falls Forward are not your usual, quiet, Observer State of a band. Unusual gig programmers, Firebird Studio captains and, again, well-crafted EP offerers.

For those familiar with the troupe, led by Charlie Evans and Naomi Paget, it is of course pensive and orchestral, but the soft tones we’ve seen so far are toppled somewhat — most noticeably in ‘Great Escape’s forays into distorted guitar. Despite the rich arrangements, there’s something almost celtic about things; but you’ll agree that freshness and modernity poke through a sound that’s still both traditional and thoroughly British.

As a group whose sound relies heavily on detail, they’ve excelled with this much-layered, chamber pop outing.

Stream away right here:

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