Little Matador | Stream ‘Liar Liar’ EP

I wanted to make a record with bite and conviction, swagger and integrity.

Everyone’s heard of Snow Patrol. Whether you’ve been a dedicated fan since ‘Songs for Polarbears’, or they worked their way into your after the release of that famous ‘Chasing Cars’ single - you know Snow Patrol.

However, 2014 sees Snow Patrol guitarist Nathan Connolly take on a new musical direction in the form of alt-rock quintet Little Matador. “I’ve always wanted to do my own record” says Nathan. “I wanted to make a record with bite and conviction, swagger and integrity, a fresh, gritty, honest, modern rock album. And Little Matador’s debut is that record. It’s me out in the open, raw and exposed… and it’s everything I hoped it would be.”

Handpicked by Nathan Connolly himself, Little Matador’s line-up is completed with Dave Magee (formerly of Nathan’s previous band F.U.E.L) and Troy Stewart on guitar, Gavin Fox on bass and Paul ‘Binzer’ Brennan on drums. Together the band have played shows in London and Dublin, as well as a performance with Nine Inch Nails at Belfast’s Belsonic Festival in August earlier this year.

“I never really thought about fronting a band, ever,” Nathan admits, “but if you’ve got something to say, which I felt I did on this record, then you want to say it yourself. It’s different being the focal point for the band, but I’m enjoying it. We achieved everything we set out to do with the record, so now it’s about getting out there and having fun with it as much as possible. This record is important to me, now it’s time to show the world exactly why…”

Little Matador’s upcoming EP Liar Liar is set for release in early 2014 via Fiction Records (The Cure, Crystal Castles). With an incredible sound similar to that of Queens Of The Stone Age, some old Arctic Monkeys material and a helping of punk rock, Little Matador will not disappoint.

Stream Little Matador’s ‘Liar Liar’ in full right here:

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