Love Saves The Day 2015 — Sunday | Festival Diary

Love Saves The Day @ Eastville Park, Bristol. 23-24.05.15.

Photos (c) Paul Lippiatt

Everyone still has energy from yesterday and the vibe reflects the weather…

From its early iterations, you’d easily be fooled into thinking that Love Saves Sunday was a more relaxed affair. There was still talk from some about it being more dub and reggae orientated and, although those who glossed over the line-up were catered for, Sunday was full of gumption.

After a short shlep on the Love Bus, we wander up the path and back into a gloriously sunny fiesta. We head straight for the bar and grab a frosty craft lager and waste no time in jogging to the Paradiso tent for Dark Sky. Everyone still has energy from yesterday and the vibe reflects the weather, with a cheery disposition being the theme du jour.

We head to Cocktails and Dreams for a little Teak, then we decide it’s a good idea to roller disco. I think we all learned a little about ourselves after that experience. We mark it down as a failure, but a lot of fun all the same.

Tomfoolery aside, we get down to business and head straight for the Paradiso tent for the start of Floating Points. We all knew what to expect, but were still pleasantly blown away. Plenty of disco and funk bangers, with some electronic seasoning. We check the schedule and realise we’re staying put for the next few hours, with Daniel Avery and Four Tet all gracing the stage.

Avery provided a floaty, yet powerful, techno masterclass, as we all lamented on what he gets up to at home. He wound his set down with Apex Twin’s ‘Windowlicker’ as I showed i probably belong somewhere on the spectrum, by demonstrating my knowledge of it’s glitchier parts with jerky hand movements. As Four Tet begins to play, the tent starts to heave and i’m not talking about the effects of an Old El Paso supper. We move to the back, as we realise we’re getting a bit too old to be stood at the front like little fangirls.

Azealia Banks is about to start and we agree it’s probably best to get as close as possible to the front, like a bunch of little fan girls. She comes out, resplendent in blue, barking down a microphone. We all wonder if her voice has been processed, or if she always sounds that dreamy. The set is an absolute banger and a perfect way to end the weekend.

We make our way to the exit, through the swathes of tired revellers. By the time we reach the bus we decide we’ll just walk back and lament on the weekend. The uncertainties we left with yesterday had been dashed and our opinions of the weekend were wholly positive. Although we missed the intimacy and odd set up of castle park, Love Saves The Day has truly found a new home in Easton.

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Grab some classic Azealia Banks here:

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