Low ‘Ones and Sixes’ | Album Review

Low 'Ones and Sixes' | Sub Pop | 11.09.15.

Over the twenty-plus years that Low have been releasing, they’ve become renowned for their minimalist arrangements and trademark melancholy. And for those who’ve been following up to this point, they haven’t meddled with the formula too much on ‘Ones and Sixes’.

But while this may be some bands’ downfall, here a reinvigorated Low make their musical recipe sound as fresh as the day they got together. Not to say there are no surprises, moments of joy erupt through when Parker’s vocals spread a cheer on ‘Lies’, before we’re crushed by ‘Landslide’s ten minutes of impending doom. Low proving they’re relevant after so many years is a great achievement.

Check out ‘No Comprende’ right here: 

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