Mac Demarco ‘Another One’ | Album Review

Mac Demarco 'Another One' | Captured Tracks | Out now.


From The White Stripes to Pavement, brevity in guitar music can often equal repeatability — and this may well be the trap of short mini album ‘Another One’, eight tracks of Mac, now back-to-back.

Whether it’s his armchair delivery, the blasé title or him listing his address at the end — “Come on over, I’ll make you a cup o’ coffee” — nonchalance certainly takes the place of any one, gripping element. Why is it then, aside from having played it approximately nine thousand times, that I and such a motley crew of others are vibing on Demarco? I’d say it’s his uncanny ability to create a mood by simply shooting the sh*t.

Mac, I’ll be over in five.

Check out the first single from the album right here: 

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