Maximo Park | Preview

Maximo Park at O2 Academy, Bristol. 07.03.14.

I was sitting at home on an achingly dull 2009 day when the phone rang. It was the offer of a Maximo Park ticket. I was fast to accept, and that same night was welcomed forevermore into a world of alternative music. That was five years ago, but I will always feel indebted to Newcastle’s finest.

A scary amount of time on and the band are set to return in support of fifth album ‘Too Much Information’. But it won’t be a pilgrimage fuelled by nostalgia, for the leading singles dropped late in 2013 promise a sound with less haste and more integrity. ‘Brain Cells’ begins slow and glitchy before warming into a probing melody, and ‘Leave This Island’ only strengthens the intelligence of Paul Smith’s vocabulary. It’s a promising glimpse of the future for a renowned player in UK indie.

This is an exciting return. Be expecting a lot of bruising, for Maximo have a back-catologue with real bite.

Check out their recent video for ‘Leave This Island’ right here:

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